Partnering with Leave No Trace

In order to promote awareness on a large scale and to reach as many outdoor enthusiasts as possible, LNTC relies on building and maintaining partnerships with various organizations. LNTC is also looking for partners who value social and environmental ethics and who wish to participate financially in the development of the Leave No Trace Canada program.

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Partnership Categories

Affiliate partners

Affiliate partners are organizations that adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace and wish to help in promoting the LNTC program.

Affiliate partners shall pay annual dues and are encouraged to offer benefits to our members such as discounts on their products, services, membership fees, etc.

Supporting partners

This category is for organizations wishing to contribute financially to the development and promotion of the LNTC program in exchange for visibility.

Supporting partners can fund specific projects, such as production of educational materials or recreation area signs, or provide a financial non-project-specific contribution in order to support the entire organization.

Partner benefits

To get more information on partnership opportunities, or to talk to us about ideas for projects to which you could contribute, please contact us.

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