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Who is Leave No Trace Canada?

Leave No Trace Canada is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. Leave No Trace builds awareness, appreciation and respect for our wildlands.

Branch – Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

Vision: To take the lead role in addressing and mitigating recreational impacts on Canada’s wilderness and natural area recreation resources.

Mission: Promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships.

  • We are promoting a national set of skill and ethics
  • Our basic messages : Pack it in, pack it out.
  • Leave No Trace is Research Based

Many of us have taken a pine cone or rock, veered off the trail to dodge mud puddles, gotten too close to wildlife or tossed an apple core into the woods. While these actions may seem harmless at the time, until we learn to reduce our impact, the quality of our outdoor experiences and the recreational resources we enjoy are at critical risk.

Also at risk is our continued access to wildlands as land management agencies sometimes take restrictive action to protect the resources they manage. Unless, of course, education catches up with behavior, and we all learn to leave the outdoors as unchanged as possible by our presence.

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Leave no trace seven principles


We believe that the solution is simple.

Leave No Trace believes that while these impacts are widespread and the causes are complex, the solution is simple: Change behavior through education, research and partnerships one person at a time. Leave No Trace is not a set of rules or regulations. Nor is it simply about remembering exactly what minimum impact skill you can practice in every outdoor situation–how far you should camp from water sources, where to pitch your tent, how to build a minimum impact fire or if you should build one in the first place. Rather, it is first and foremost an attitude and an ethic.

Leave No Trace is about respecting and caring for wildlands, doing your part to protect our limited resources and future recreation opportunities. Once this attitude is adopted and the outdoor ethic is sound, the specific skills and techniques become second nature.

How You Can Help!
  • Become trained in Leave No Trace skills and ethics
  • Become a member of Leave No Trace Canada
  • Volunteer for Leave No Trace Canada
  • Become an official partner with Leave No Trace Canada
  • Be an advocate for Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace Membership

Members of Leave No Trace are the frontline supporters, helping to make a difference from your backyard to the backcountry.

One way to be a huge supporter of Leave No Trace is to become a member of the organization.
Membership is easy.

Your gift will help to ensure that the people using our public lands are doing so responsibly.

Your support truly does make a difference!

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