Leave No Trace Canada training courses are intended for outdoor recreational users who wish to minimize their impact on the natural environment whether they are hiking, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, etc. You can choose from a number of different training courses, starting with an introductory course to the Leave No Trace principles, a more advanced course where you learn how to apply the techniques in practice,or a master course designed for people who are actively teaching outdoor skills to others and promoting the Leave No Trace Canada program.


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                     offering A COURSE or a workshop

Master Educators are able to conduct  Trainer Courses as well as Awareness Workshops.

Trainers  received training to offer sanctioned Awareness Workshops.

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Leave No Trace Canada is approving authorized providers  to offer accurate Master Educator training across the country.


TAKING A COURSE provided by our Authorized providers


Courses are generally offered from the spring to the fall, as this is the best time for observing our impact and learning how to minimize it. However, it is still possible to get training throughout the year. The courses posted on our online calendar are open to the public. It is also possible to organize ‘custom-made’ training courses for an interested group, by contacting the Leave No Trace Canada office.

Leave No Trace Canada courses do not teach specific outdoor skills, as is the case for climbing or canoeing courses, for example. However, given the nature of the Leave No Trace Canada program, most courses take place in the outdoors. It is therefore important that participants in the 2- and 5-day courses have basic outdoor experience and the necessary equipment suitable for outdoor activities and camping.


An Awareness Workshop is one day or less in length and can take the form of a discussion about the Leave No Trace principles or can be a full day of formal training. A workshop can be specifically designed for individual groups, such as Scouts, canoe club members, guides, etc. To organize an awareness workshop, please contact the Leave No Trace Canada office. Workshop costs vary according to length, location and course provider. Some workshops are free.


The Trainer Course is a 2-day training course which takes place mainly in the outdoors and normally includes 1 night of camping. The participants gain a better understanding of the seven principles of the Leave No Trace program and discover simple, minimum-impact methods. Through interactive activities, the participants also learn how to teach others about the awareness and ethical practices suitable for natural environments. Graduates of this program are encouraged to offer awareness workshops.

The course cost can vary between $150 and $250, depending on the location and the course provider.


The Master Educator Course is designed for people who wish to get in-depth information about the Leave No Trace principles and techniques and who wish to actively train others. The course is 4 to 5 days in length (including a minimum of 3 nights of camping) and mainly takes place in a field-based setting. Participants are given the opportunity to apply the techniques through hands-on practice and also learn teaching strategies. Graduates of this program have the ability to train others in Leave No Trace principles and techniques as well as to teach awareness workshops.

Participants must have experience in and good knowledge of the outdoors and will ideally have teaching experience. The course cost varies between $400 and $800, depending on the location and the course provider.

To better respond to a growing demand for training, Leave No Trace Canada has approved authorized providers to offer accurate Master Educator training across the country. Click on the map to view the list.


offering A COURSE

In order to ensure the quality of trainings, following documents are available for Organizations, Trainers and Master Educators who want to offer trainings:


Partner organizations and indivduals can organize Awareness Workshops.  For more details:

There is no need to pre-register your workshops.  However, reporting is critical on tracking LNTC impressions.  Following documents can be downloaded and sent to us.

LNTC will gladly post any upcoming workshop on the LNTC website if the workshop is open to the general public


Authorized providers and individual Master Educators are abilitated to offer Trainer Courses.

Find more information in 

Training Agreements and other Documents to send before training

All Master Educators are now required to have every Trainer Course participant sign the Disclaimer of Liability and assumption of risk Form.  Trainer Course must include one year membership for all participants.   In order for  Trainers to receive  their membership card and certificate, their names and contact information must be submitted to LNTC using the Roster form below:


Only the organizations identified by LNTC following the selection process are authorized to offer the Master Educator Course.

The course leader for a LNTC Master Educator Course must be a Master Educator Instructor Trainer in good standing with LNTC and be employed by an organization approved to conduct LNTC Master Courses.  The course leader must be also a member in good standing of LNTC.


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