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Awareness Workshops

Any type of formal Leave No Trace training that is one-day or less in length. Learn more

Trainer Courses

Are typically two-day trainings put on in an outdoor setting by Master Educators. Trainer courses are designed to help you better understand and teach Leave No Trace skills and ethics.  Please consider that a Trainer course cannot offer a course for one participant. Learn more

Master Educator Courses

A Master Educator course is typically five-days in length and designed for people who are actively teaching others backcountry skills or providing recreation information to the public. Successful graduates of the Master Educator course have the ability to train others in Leave No Trace skills as well as facilitate trainer courses.  Master Educator courses are offered by selected Authorized Providers across Canada.  Learn more

If you are a Master Educator and would like to be added to your community page, please send email your request to:  with your name, city and email address.


Master Educator Course                              Trainer course - Workshop

Authorized Providers                                   Individual Trainers

De Ville en Forêt, Montréal, Qc
Danielle Landry, Master Educator, Montreal

Patrick Auger, Master Educator, Montréal

Diane Attendu, Gaspé

Simon Cote, Gaspé

Gerard Gagnon, Gaspé

Philippe Patenaude, Groupe Collégia Gaspé

Holly McIntyre, Gaspé

Alexandre Genois, Cap Santé

Frédéric Fournier, CEGEP, Baie Comeau

Stephane Pisani, Adm. A., Gatineau/Québec

Master Educator Course - ME - TR - AW

Trainer course - Workshop/AW

Authorized Providers
Individual Trainers

Algonquin College, ON

Gillian Dagg, Toronto

Wolfman, Niagara Falls


Todd Ward, Port Stanley

Sean Harvey, Port Elgin










*Awareness Workshop/AW

William Schoenhardt*, King City

Paul Dance*, Sharon

Jodi Johnston*, Sutton West

Christophe Williams*, Claremont

Kate Ming-Sun, Brodway ON

Bonnie Anderson, Cheltenham, ON

Joseph Collins*, Barrie

Ian Pineau, Algonquin College, ON 

Jeremy Campbell, Brampton

Sara Pratt*, Newmarket


Master Educator Course - ME - TR - AW

Trainer course - Workshop/AW

Authorised Providers

Haskin Canoe, Sherwood Park


 Individual Trainers

 Bill B. Bagshaw, Edmonton

 Bill Mart, Calgary

 Jessica Prosser, Canmore

 Malen Vidler, Meaford

 Tanya Wells, Red Dear

Mike Horembala, Black Diamond

Paul Stonehouse, AB University Augustana


Master Educator Course - ME - TR - AW

Trainer course - Workshop/AW

Authorized Providers
Individual Trainers

Dean Cattell, Pierceland

Master Educator Course - ME - TR - AW

Trainer course - Workshop/AW

Authorized Providers
 Individual Trainers

Kate Moylan, Haines Junction


Master Educator Course - ME - TR - AW
 Trainer course - Workshop/AW
Authorized Providers
 Individual Trainers

Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning, Hope















Master Educator Course - ME - TR - AW             

 Connie Davis, Hope

 Patsy Campbell, Hope

 Stephanie Hooker, Hope

 Gina Johns, Port Moody

 Ryan Lafek, Abbottsford

 Kelly Pearce, Hope

 Mike Potts, Courtenay

Stephanie Blue*, Hope

Brent Japp*, Langley

Peter Way*, New Westminister

Mike Potts, Courtenay

Jeff Carty, Campbell River

Taryn Eyton, Master Educator, Vancouver, BC


Individual Trainers

Lyse Boyce, Halifax

John Nisbet,  Halifax

Craig Potter,  Halifax